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Harmony in 2012 for Christian Writers

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"May this  SECOND DAY OF THE NEW YEAR be a day of thanks continuing for you!. I'm thinking what book to review for upcoming OpineCafeBlog."     
St. Augustine focused on the harmony needed between what we say and how we live. Anyone can write or say something profound or meaningful without in fact living it. Simply by writing well, do we do so as followers...of Christ? This is the measure of a year of work.      
An earlier follower of Christ than St. Augustine was the apostle Paul. God inspired him to write about love. Paul wrote, in essence, that the most heavenly-sounding words can only go so far as to shake the senses... if they are written or said apart from love. This message is inherent in the apostle's life. He wrote what is referred to, in the Bible, as I Corinthians 13, beginning: "If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal..."

Harmony for 2012
is ours as we seek the Lord of love. 
Isn't He our heart's main desire, the One who leads us? 

 In expectation, we seek harmony 
between our words and how we live, inside and outside,
in the love of God through Christ Jesus.

 LORD, we put all trust in You. 
Help us to pray. Help us to read Your holy written Word,
which feeds us. Help us, alone or with others, to help the poor...with love.  
We need Your help so that we can write
in the harmony that is possible by varieties of means and expressions.       

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  1. Amen ... And happy new year to you!

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