Friday, December 28, 2012

Blogs Away!

Blog Machine
Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)
Here is a favorite blog posting from this blog-The Church that Stood and Stands
Jean Purcell
This is probably my most memorable blog posting because it was the most emotional at the time I wrote it. My husband and I had visited the Twin Towers site in New York City and had stood in a long, silent line with many New Yorkers on lunch break and many visitors to the city, like us.

Here is a favorite blog that gives warm chuckles or fresh perspectives: Deirdre Reilly's Blend of the Day

Deirdre's blog is read by people where she lives, in a picturesque New England town, and beyond. I "get" what matters to her, along with her brand of humor (she is my daughter, as you may know already). She comments on daily life and spoofs trends or news of the times, making the laugh on no one but herself or our shared human condition.

If you want me to read your blog and comment on it, I'll be glad to visit. Just put the link in the comment box or write to me at Twitter.

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