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"We need
to know 
we're not alone.*

I hope you'll download a free PDF book that could help you if you are in charge of anything. At the least it could encourage you and at the most it should help you. I printed its 57 pages after reading the first chapter. The book
is The Edge of Success: 9 Building Blocks to Double Your Sales by Infusionsoft  
CEO Clate Mask

I wondered at first if someone was pulling my leg; I could hardly believe that someone was describing so exactly many of my experiences as an entrepreneur, i.e., author, publisher of other authors, and manager of Opine eStore (coming soon). I did some research on Infusionsoft and it seemed that, yes, the author and his company are real. If you have tried to initiate anything, I think you'll benefit from this free book full of identification and encouragement for those who have entrepreneurial experiences, fears, and hopes. Excellent examples and vignettes round it out.  

The Edge of Success summarizes the author’s journey to start and develop a software business with two partners. Infusionsoft develops and offers sales and marketing software for small businesses. In his 59-page free document, Clate Mask records specific hard times he, his colleagues, and their families faced due to desperate financial trials and other hurdles. He tells how customers’ phone calls and e-mails helped to guide and reinforce his determination and business decisions aimed at helping business software users find new products to meet specific needs, and do it with more ease and integration. 

I recommend The Edge of Success for anyone on a mission, whether a skill, program, outreach, or volunteer work. Whatever you will lead this year, whether a project, program, or business, you will likely feel alone at times. You may need financial, skills, or cooperation help that seems elusive or proves to be unreliable. Maintaining clarity about what you have taken on and why you wanted to do it in the first place will likely bring you face to face with big tests. 

We are not alone in whatever good we are trying to do, and it helps to remember that fact while we learn how to better handle what we do with added results. Clate Mask has shared, freely from his entrepreneurial experience. I think that's a wise personal and business move on his part. That’s my bottom line as I point to this resource, The Edge of Success.  

*Source of opening quote: This is a version of words by a young student in Shadowlands, a film about C.S. Lewis, who said, "We read to know we are not alone."

Jean Purcell is a book publisher (Opine Publishing--website redesign now under construction by Adazing Design), author (under pen name), and blogger.  
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