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You're an Author. You're an Entrepreneur.

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Frans de Waal book-signing at University of Aukland
by Jean Purcell 

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You are an author, and sooner or later you will or should realize that to build readership you must think like an entrepreneur. This is a lesson for independent publishers (Opine Publishing) and Internet booksellers (Opine eStore and Cafe Blog, coming 2012, mid-January) like me, as well.

Your chief focus as an author has, correctly, been on writing a special book. It could be a personal story, a novel, or a nonfiction book of special interest to you, whether how-to, biography, or historical background, for example. Yet, you need entrepreneurial spirit and thinking to help what you write reach readers who can benefit from your work, your offerings.
     Entrepreneurs take the initiative based on specific vision and future plans, preparing and being dedicated to enjoy the long haul of whatever favorite passion they are following, forming, and sharing. The more, the better... one step at a time.  
Beyond Author

     Think of yourself as a responsible person. How many quotes are there, I wonder, about people that keep on learning and trying? Or, those that don't? 
entrepreneur Look up entrepreneur at (1828)...reborrowing of Fr. entrepreneur "one who undertakes or manages," a noun from O.Fr. entreprendre "undertake" (see enterprise)....  Meaning "business manager" is from 1852. Related: Entrepreneurship. --Source: Online Etymology Dictionary

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