Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't Lose Your Online Writing!

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This is a NASA photo that resembles 
my memory reacting to a lost blog post. 
I should have paid serious attention to the page that popped up, saying that Blogger was having some problems the day I was writing about trends of political language in Washington, DC. I should have saved the draft as a Word document. The blog post appeared to be saved. I was assured it was saved. So, I did not protect the article elsewhere, and it disappeared!

My time spent scrambling to find the document yielded no threads to pull. What was left was little bits and pieces in brain, which had to go with me to other work of the day.

I hear you wondering, Did she look in her Blogger drafts file? Did she search Word?

The answer to the first is Yes, and it's not there; to the second, ...come to think of it, I've not looked in Trash. However, the document was never named and saved. I doubt that it's there. I'll look again, though, and see if it's there. If so, I'll update here.

Protect your favorite online writing by saving it somewhere not online.

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