Friday, July 02, 2010

You can learn Zemanta and other technology stuff

Writers are creative people, and lots of writers are engineers, architects, math whizzes. Some might even call themselves tech geeks.  However, many and maybe most writers not in those categories think they cannot master technology on the WWW today

If that's you, be assured that if you have an inquisitive mind and you're smart--and of course you are: you're a writer!--then you can figure it out. At least, what you need to figure out. As What about Bob says, Baby steps! Baby steps!

Use search engines to answer just about any question you have along your way of self-teaching. Don't expect to learn everything in a day, or a year, or even five years. It's always changing. So, if you are not learning more, start now. Try a blog or whatever you've not tried yet, to let others learn what you're writing about. Aim to reach those with similar interests Start now?

Search Join Google, Create a blog, Experiment, Add features, Try Zemanta Assistant for links, Join Linked In, Facebook....keep going!

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