Monday, July 05, 2010

Nature and Writers About

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If you are attuned to nature, then you know that you do not need to know the name of everything. A maple, oak, willow, or cherry tree, for example, thrills you for its own reasons, whether or not you know its genus or sub-genus.

I love the shadows cast in the middle of the day upon walkways, grass, and faces. It is inexpressible, the joy that such variations of light and dark give me. Similarly, a gray sky can speak as many volumes of exhilaration as a blue, white-clouded nature-ceiling.

Some naturalists have proven that one need not travel far from home to learn specifics, biologically, about insects, plants and other lively interests. One prominent naturalist, world-renowned to his peers yet his name forgotten by me, taught himself, an educated man, in his own backyard somewhere in northeast USA. There was a world of living and busy small creatures on the grounds of his childhood home, where he lived and died.

My dad, from youth on, loved to watch spiders, birds, and what he called "dirt dobbers." The love of these entertainments began for him underneath the house where he grew up, not far from a North Carolina silver mine.

Nature writers fill a void that needs their thrilling enjoyments, knowledge, and desire to communicate facts and wonders unexplainable.
Audubon's Birds of North America

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