Monday, July 26, 2010

Journalists, Misdirection, and Trends

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As a few journalists express concern about bias and misdirection in reporting, consumers need to become more assertive. As more consumers of media develop news-consumer skills, journalists can cause less misdirection  Media consumers need to do better, as pressure builds against journalistic sloppiness. 

A first step the news and information consumer takes is commitment to be alert to the amount of pejorative adjectives, increasingly intended to create reader bias, in reporting and commentary.

Second, the consumer of news applies critical thinking to news, information, and opinion related to hot issues. 

Finally, news and info consumers insist on reliability, starting with  highly touted news services. Most outlets have a mix of reliable and unreliable input, offered daily, weekly, or monthly.

Media consumers need to question while avoiding paranoia and cynicism. Media consumers must carefully monitor group-think tendencies. Gullibility and unquestioning trust hurt in the long run.

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