Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sports writing

Whether they write their notes for broadcasts and regular sports program, or they write columns and books for print and electronic media, sports writers are in a talent category.

Some of the best stories you can read and some of the best writing you'll find today anywhere come from the sports writing genre. The Washington Post, the newspaper closest to me, along with Washington Examiner, has good-to-outstanding columnists in the Sports section. And when I say "good," then I mean really good.  A few names that come to mind, led off by Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon, and Thomas Boswell. Boswell has also written books about baseball, including How Life Imitates the World Series. Dan Steinberg does a good job, I think, leading the Post sports blog.

Dan Patrick, of ESPN, is another sports writer, broadcaster, and author of note.
Tony Dungy, retired from football coaching, mentors young athletes on life and sports skills. His books help support his efforts to keep giving back.

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