Saturday, April 13, 2013

Public Education in the State of Virginia: Flexibiity above Conformity

This is my second blog post on the controversial state and national public schools common core curricula when compared with each other, focusing on the state of Virginia.
     From the perspective of conformity and flexibility, the state's curriculum has broad conformity, it appears, regarding standards, yet much flexibility for choosing resources. For example, in the English program, specific reading is not laid out for all schools to follow. Localities may choose among titles that fit their students' interests and teachers' sensibilities of topics most beneficial to their students where they are. They could go so far, I infer, as to give students individual reaching choices, along with discussion or counsel and oversight. What strikes me about this feature is that a flexible approach allows one classroom teacher familiar with literature of the state to plan units on that topic, choosing works at appropriate reading levels. That is just one of many advantages that could arise from flexibility.  
     To learn more, see English, Math, and College Prep specifics on the Virginia Department of Education website.

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