Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Wounded-Hope, Encouragement, Love, Prayer-HELP

Maryland USA

Freedom-loving people all over the world rejoice today. The Boston Marathon terrorists have been stopped. The aftermath is at the forefront of our minds...wounded runners, helpers, police, and marathon watchers. Some have buried loved ones or will in the near future, including a police officer's family. 
   News reports say that a Boston bombing casualty has no health insurance. His and others' medical care will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars at least. You may have found a way to help with finances of medical needs of the wounded. I found a link to ideas of ways to help
   We continue to remember and to pray, while we resolve to do something and to remember to keep doing it. Whatever financial contribution we give, however small it may seem to us in light of these recent traumas, makes a diference. Progress in healing and moving ahead needs love and persevering care. I believe that financial gifts, however small, also give some measure of comfort for the wounded needing so much special and professional medical attention.  
   Thank God for the desire for freedom, that precious estate in which we live. Freedom, even to run a race or gather in a crowd to cheer, offends some among us to the point of terrorizing us in the most heinous actions. Freedom, however, reflects well, and the scars of these fresh wounds must make us more aware and determined than ever to hold freedom close. This treasure, freedom, has a great price. This we know.  

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