Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Pray for Nepal's Spiritual and Life Well-being

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I wrote about Nepal over a year ago and Lorilyn Roberts' comment reminded me then and now to pray more for Nepal's spiritual life in Christ. People continue to visit my article, so there is continued interest.  
     It's time for a Nepal update. Lorilyn's comment urged prayers for orphans (she adopted two children from Indonesia and has nurtured them into  youth and young womanhood), pastors, and missionaries there. 
     To mention orphans is the response to the tug on my mind, to remember to pray for them and for widows, as well. Many missionaries and local pastors and families in Nepal give of themselves daily, sacrificially, to help others.
     If you visit Nepal as a tourist or on business, you might be interested to learn more about a Christian Guest House that I learned about in researching news of Nepal's Christian life. I have not stayed there, but if I ever visit Nepal I would likely investigate this place to stay with my husband or a visiting group. The website says that the guest house is 20 minutes on foot from Patan and 20 minutes by car to the airport and Kathmandu City. Also, there is Internet with Wifi, plus "en-suites and economy rooms with various rates...affordable for all missionaries, students, back packers and to tourists also special rates for long term guests."   
     There is another side of life for Nepali Christians that we, in other places, can remember in our prayers...specific problems with acceptance of Christians as peaceable (my interpretation).  

Since I was a child, I've been fascinated by places far from my North Carolina home (USA). Perhaps you were the same, and like me perhaps that appeal never faded. When our children were working in the U. S., my husband and I worked and traveled in other parts of the world. Now that we live again in the U.S., we know there is still much to see and many more brothers and sisters in Christ to meet. 
     Whether we meet face to face or via Internet or news, we are one in Christ. Today, I think of the churches in Nepal. Perhaps one day we can go there...   
     Meanwhile, I have learned of Nepali Christians new to the U. S. Read more here. Some of the U.S.-based churches are in the eastern side, in Pennsylvania and Maryland.       

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