Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Books and Bread - Reading Good Books and Learning Bread-making

About Books Sold Here

On this first day of a New Year, I'm letting you know more about the select, hand-picked books in the Books and Bread store and my side-bar lists from here. 

You might visit out of curiosity about what's new or to buy once or again. The book sales include all of Amazon's assurances about deliveries, tracking, and such.

The books fit one or more of the following categories:

  • Books I have read and liked a lot
  • Books recommended to me, but I've not yet read them
  • Books published this year, last year, or a few or many years before
  • Books I am adding every week 
  • Book selections intentionally limited with links to goodies that allow expanding your searches for authors, titles, soap, or any other Amazon-related product. 

My selection is hand-picked, so you might discover books you've not heard of, yet with stories you'd value, while at the same time getting to Amazon. 

When I add one or more titles every week to each category, I put the latest addition in the front positions so you can immediately see what has been added. 

If you find what you want here and buy through my links, you add a little bit to the coffers that help here and elsewhere online. I appreciate that! 

Wishing you a wonderful year of reading, whether you get Books and Bread books or books from your public library, local bookshop, or on loan from a friend.


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