Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Your Book for Publication: Memo about Quick Quiz

Now on an affiliated writers' blog: Quick Quiz about Urgent Decisions for your new book

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My special note today for you writers
To: Writers and authors of first books
From: A publisher and writers mentor 
Re: Knowing time-saving priorities 

Are you a person that sets priorities first and then acts on them? 

Or, do you work spontaneously, first on creative ideas of a writing project, such as your first book for publication? 

If you are writing a first book manuscript and are excited about seeing it in finished form, then you need to take my Quick Quiz, on the Author Support blog now. 

I set up the short quiz for writers like you.
Test your assumptions about where you are in your book plans.   

See the short, private quiz , how easy it is... or enlightening, for you. Only two main questions. Private and free, of course! No form to fill out. Nothing to submit. Only you will know your answers, which you do in your head, not online. (You can print the page-optional.)

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