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Mayor Bloomberg Found for Relief?

Kirsten Gillibrand Meets With Women Bloggers
Kirsten Gillibrand Meets With Women Bloggers (Photo credit: glennia;free/non-commercial)
Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department ...
Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, speak about the National Guard (Photo credit: The National Guard)
Chuck Schumer in Albany
Chuck Schumer in Albany (Photo credit: azipaybarah)
Michael Bloomberg was affiliated with Salomon ...
Michael Bloomberg was affiliated with Salomon Brothers before launching his own firm Bloomberg News and later becoming mayor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Commentary-Part 2/New York City

A couple of days ago I questioned here, "Where is Mayor Bloomberg?".
     Mr. Bloomberg has been found. Today he hosts, in Gotham, the U. S. president and significant cabinet people and senators.       The Daily Astorian says that the mayor will tour ruined parts of the city with dignitaries arriving via the presidential plane, Air Force One (AF1). President Obama is scheduled to bring Janet Napolitano, (Homeland Security Secretary) and Shaun Donovan (Housing and Urban Development [HUD] Secretary), as well as New York State's U. S. senators. The AF1 passenger list represents a small chunk of Washington power players. 
     Also somewhat missing have been U. S. senators Schumer and Gillibrand. Well, they, too, have been found...with the president. In an effort to be fair, here, I have read that Mr. Schumer has made a lot of calls on behalf of the worst-affected boroughs and neighborhoods. Probably, Ms Gillibrand has done the same.  
     Dear New York City victims of the devastation of storm Sandy, living in the worst-hit areas: Will this latest visit by dignitaries to your homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and dark/electricity-less streets reassure you? Will some of you feel literally unwashed, in  unwashed clothes (unless someone has helped you by now), growling, hungry stomachs (unless "ditto," about the help), and in the not-so-comfortable setting of...rubble? 
     Almost three weeks after the storm, is this your dream of a meeting with people elected and appointed to serve you? Do you expect that their words like "we see you and what you're going through" and "we will not forget" will rise to the levels of urgent needs that you live every second of these uncertain and painful days? 
     What will you see improved in your lives in hours and days after AF1 and her human cargo leave? They've been found. They've sort of found you. "What next?," I wonder...and worry, pray, and yes, hope. Donations of money are a starting point only, and are not yet enough.   

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