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We Waited for Lucie_It's Personal

Our lovely Lucie-girl before we met  "in person"_Stoneham, MA
7/31/13 update - Lucie has a horrible affliction known as kennel cough, after an unavoidable four days and nights in a (very nice) kennel in New Jersey. The house the family rented did not allow pets, we learned too late. Lucie has seen her local doctor twice, with one change of medication. Her coughing fits are fewer, but none the less difficult, mostly for her, but also for us. We love Lucie, a loyal, smart, and companionable dog. At least, she is able to enjoy chasing a rabbit or squirrel, as of yesterday. Of course she never catches them, by the way, 'though she loves to keep trying.

8/30/12 - Based on the "Waiting for Lucy" post that I added several weeks ago, the Then and the Now of the past five weeks have been a pleasure to compare: 

Then: Her name was spelled L-u-c-y.

Now:  It's L-u-c-i-e, and her new second name is "Gracie."

Then: "For someone not excited about having another pet, I still have lots to do. I'm on the trail of a little Ravens cap for Lucy, and a Nats collar, Redskins leash, and O's halter."

Now: There has not been time! to look for those special gifts for Lucie, who won't know the difference anyway. But they're still on the Lucie List.

Then: "My dear husband seems okay with all of this, and I appreciate that."

Now: My husband really likes having Lucie around.    
Then: "Soon, in addition to a potted orchid and outside plants and flowers, there will be Lucy to care for, right after family, every day, morning to night."

Now: The potted plants are getting excellent care. Along with the rain drops they get when we think to put them onto the little terrace, out from under the porch roof, they get Lucie's left over water from the day before, because of course Lucie gets fresh water in her bowl every morning.

Then: "Lucy will not sleep with us. I'm preparing a place on a soft bench at the end of our bed, and we just need to find the right 'doggie bed' to put on top of it. (Add to shopping list.)"  

Now: Lucie does not sleep with us, but she does not sleep at the end of the bed either. She sleeps in her newly bought, just for her, soft bed that sits atop the soft bench, a worn little leather ottoman that my grandmother, who lived with us, gave to me when I was in elementary school; she worried when I did homework stretched out on the floor in winter times. 

Then later, when we first met Lucie: We drove on July 17 to Saddle River, NJ, home of Mary Higgens Clark. We stayed in a suite at a dog-accepting Marriott Residence Inn, found on-line by our son-in-law in MA. Our daughter in MA picked Lucie up from her former owner in Stoneham, and she and our 13-year-old grandson traveled from there to Saddle River to meet up with us.

The four of us and Lucy had a fun day, night, and part of the next day. Lucie accepted her new bed, which we took with us for her, and she went into her familiar crate only once. I think our grandson really missed her when he and his mom pulled out the next day to return home.

Right now; Lucie is sleeping in her little bed while I work from my bed alongside, writing my last blog post for the day. She seems to be completely comfortable with the sound of the keyboard. 

She shows signs of having been well-loved and -trained in her six years prior to coming to us, now that her previous family can no longer take care of her. She is intelligent, a quick-learner, obedient, healthy, sweet-tempered,! Not a fan of toys, she loves to play with us. We love to watch her gallop down the long hallway when we say, "Lucie, Run!" and clap our hands. She is a blur of dog as she dashes toward the last bedroom and jumps into her bed. She looks up immediately for praise (I think she's smiling) and then jumps down to follow me into other parts of the house. (I wonder if she is enjoying all of this as much as I am, with her!) She seems to look for any opportunity to look up as if to say, "Want me to run?" or "What are we doing now?" Her running is good exercise for rainy days when long walks don't suit us. Even an almost-seven-pound adult chihuahua doggie needs exercise and is not fond of wet hair. Especially a girly dog.

Lucie has had her first, and very thorough, vet exam (for which she forgave me within about 10 hours). Lucie Gracie is definitely in the building...with us and at home! It was well worth the time waiting for Lucie!

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