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Waiting for Lucy_It's Personal

Cute toy: Lucy (Photo credit: Wikipedia) "Our" Lucy has reindeer ears.
Where we are

We are waiting for a dog! After years without a pet of our own. When our children were growing up we had at one time or another and sometimes at the same time: a rabbit, two guinea pigs, two miniature turtles, a large turtle (Mr. Red Ears), two gold fish, four dogs (one adopted), four cats, three litters of kittens, and an Arabian horse

I have never thought of my husband or me as avid pet-lovers, except Rascal and Billy, family dogs that lived the longest; and other extended family pets come to mind, especially Whiskers and Brandy, both deceased, and now Copper, Neely, Bella, and Nello (the largest, being a horse), plus Ruby (if she stays where she is). They are all in the family. We enjoy them when they visit us (a nod to Neely) or we visit them. We enjoy other pets, too, 'cause they are part of our friends' lives...like cats Hyacinth, her brother Simba, and Sweet Pea--all adopted by people we see around here...and there.     

It's worked out great that way for many, many years. 

What we are doing

Now we are about to adopt Lucy as our own. She is a six-year-old chihuahua (wawa?), fully-documented, well-trained, and "fixed." She weighs about six pounds and has never had puppies. Lucy won our hearts when we heard about her personality and charm, and that she needed a new home. Lucy's owner decided that Lucy needs to be around people during the day. Her loving owner has a new schedule that takes her away every day, except weekends. She sees that Lucy is a bit depressed about being alone so much now; that's why Lucy was allowed to come to us, to be with people during the day, to run around a large back garden, and to take long daily walks to burn off extra energy.

I am excited about meeting and giving loving animal care to Lucy. I'm thinking a lot these days about Bill Cosby and "Froofie the Dog." (Cosby parenting humor got many of us through child-raising years.) Like Bill, we will not be watching Gunsmoke. We will not be watching NCIS, or even Inspector Lewis, but "Froofie the Dog" cartoons, with Lucy. No scary Roadrunner, either. (You know I'm kidding, right?)

How and when

Many little moments during these waiting days are spent thinking about where to train little Lucy to leave her little poops. The large back yard, a sloping side yard, or under the giant-height Norwegian evergreen with its long pine-feathery skirt?  

Lucy is expected to make the 10-hour trip to us by car in a week or so. She will bring her documents (her passport, I guess), including medical records, and her crate, food dish, and other stuff, including some of her favorite food. I hear she eats about 10 little doggie bites per meal. 

We've been told that Lucy loves to ride in the car, which should make her a good fit for our on-the-go ways. I think she will definitely be making coffee and bagel runs with us, to Einstein Brothers on Route 40 West.

I respect the fact that Lucy is being allowed to leave the land of Red Sox/Patriots/Bruins, while keeping them in her heart. We will give her a loving home.

In the now, waiting

I've already nicknamed her Lucie Gracie and Lucie Goosie (for really goofy times--mine). Her color photo, sent as text-attachment, was printed on our Epson. Her upper body image fills an entire regular-size paper and is taped to the side of a cabinet that faces me when I walk from bedroom end of the house to the kitchen.

"Waiting for Lucie Gracie" says the handwritten sign taped above her pretty head. 

For someone not excited about having another pet, I still have lots to do. I'm on the trail of a little Ravens cap for Lucy, and a Nats collar, Redskins leash, and O's halter. And maybe a Bruins doggie toy, to honor her roots. My dear husband seems okay with all of this, and I appreciate that. I also appreciate hearing that Lucy likes guys, which shouts to me that she has been very well-treated in her present home.

Soon, in addition to a potted orchid and outside plants and flowers, there will be Lucy to care for, right after family, every day, morning to night. We are almost ready. Lucy will not sleep with us. I'm preparing a place on a soft bench at the end of our bed, and just need to find the right 'doggie bed' to put there. (Add to shopping list.) 

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