Friday, July 13, 2012

Life too short not to speak of Jesus

Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (M...
Chinese depiction of Jesus and the rich man (Mark 10) - 1879, Beijing, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe like me you hesitate to quote other writers or newshounds. Someone (and there will be at least one) will label you because you quote, read, agree with, or "like" someone they criticize, attach harsh labels to, or downright hate. 

Being in the marketplace of ideas means that others will notice you visiting or exploring ideas that they reject. Hence, by that one or brief association, you are labeled in a way that is so off-base that it is beyond correcting. Word gets around. Ignoring your interest in evaluating thoughts and beliefs for yourself, others will enjoy chomping at you or your name.

So let's go for it, if we are determined to evaluate information, sources, and ideas without following any guru. I'm not referring to anything as controversial as drugs or partying, but of other controversial matters, like "born again" referring to a real phenomenon and Israel and Palestine each having views to be heard, for example. 

We humans have the tendency to think we are analyzing correctly when we have not applied much digging into our topics. I know how easy it is to assume, something far easier than to commit to further inquiry, asking heaven's help, ready to risk understanding what we once rejected, and unfettered by the opinions or views of "experts."

I want to write about certain things that are already too much, perhaps, argued over, debated, and misunderstood. Yet,who am I, an everyday person, to tackle such things? What if I do write, but not clearly enough? What if I influence even more misinterpretation? 

As one put off by religious debates and conflicts over decades in the past, I understand the aversion to more religious talk or exposure to accusations that still fly across and between Christian groups. If you have been in any small group in a religious setting, you have likely heard other churches or denominations harshly criticized or made fun of in various ways, openly or subtly.

That is not at all what I want to write about, however. I wish to express, in a conciliatory or irenic way, ideas that can be shared as a point of view to be considered before applying quick, untested assumptions or knee-jerk reactions. 

I was thinking this a.m. about how vastly underrated is the meekness that Jesus taught about, the meekness that He calmly, wisely displayed when He chose to listen more than to speak. He did everything with purpose, and His meekness was toward God, not man. I am coming to believe, or think, as a Christian that it is more important than ever that we do two things: to know Jesus for ourselves, in personal relationship, and to get a vision of what His words about the kingdom of God, the church, and the world mean.

It is important to investigate with eyes open, from the written Source, this claim covering the world from the beginning, that Eden's serpent would be put under the feet of One from God. It is important to consider the magnitude of the fact that God beyond history and time sent Himself, through His Son, to dwell upon history, to redeem it beyond history, to live within the limitations of time...for a time. He gave His Son for the world (every nation, race, and culture) and for individuals (one by one, each known as they are, by Him). 

Can you read between my lines?
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