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Syria Solutions

English: Arab_League_(orthographic_projection)
English: Arab_League_(orthographic_projection) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Regarding Syrian children and adult civilians being used by government military as human shields:
     It takes more than a UN List of Shame.
It takes more than U.S. proclamations of disgust and disfavor. 
     It might need Arab League intervention efforts now. 10 PM/EST update_AL offer rejected by Syria_6/13/12.
     It might require what other civilian armies of civil wars have used --non-national military helpers.
     The U. S. Department of State is expressing formal concerns and, most recently, strong disfavor. Solid action is needed, yet what kind? Could it start, at the least, with independent U. S. end to military helicopters now going to Syrian government from Russia. Helicopters are made by the same supplier for U. S. military, Department of Defense, according to reports* on this under-reported part of the Syria story. Hillary Clinton does give U. S. endorsement for Arab League plan.  

The most pressing human issue is mostly on the ground, as civilians, including children, are being arrested, tortured, and killed by Syrian military, and others are used as human shields.
     Yet, the facts still are not convincing the above entities what is not only do-able but workable. One hopes for some brainstorm among the international leaders...aware of inevitable intensification with any action that might be taken. I have edited this more in effort to face the realities, while still hoping the powers might go beyond talk to some, even one, action to push against, to thwart, or to seriously damage. 

Many are praying for the people of Syria.

Note on another side: Opposition forces and Christians in Syria: Qusayr (Agenzia Fides) - The Christian Maurice Bitar was killed in Qusayr, near the town of Homs where the Christian population - about a thousand people out of 10 thousand who lived there before the beginning of the violence - has been forced to flee after the 'ultimatum launched by an armed faction in the opposition forces led by General Abdel Salam Harba (see Fides 09/06/2012).

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