Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Crépuscule sur Dublin
Crépuscule sur Dublin (Photo credit: FroZman)

Waking up at home after four days of travel. Today, schedule free. Expecting a family friend for dinner tonight and enjoying time all together on the back porch.  

But first, this morning, in the Now. Waking up thoughts tumble quickly along. Thankfulness for the day. Then remembering a conference call coming in, but not mine, thankfully. Lingering over good coffee, toast, and strawberry jam. A British sort of breakfast.  

Against habit, bedroom TV on, looking for a possible morning devotional on EWTN, finding their live broadcast from a Dublin outdoor arena. Carl A. Anderson, leader of Knights of Columbus (established around 1467), is speaking. Listening to him while files update and FireFox connects on laptop. 

Increasingly attuned to this thinking Christian, Carl A. Anderson, I realize his topic is culture and real humanity. There's a pattern of eloquence, disallowing detours into trite or flowery language.    

Laptop ready for checking mail and blogs as Breda O'Brien, an Irish religion and culture columnist and commentator, follows next on EWTN.

Dublin conference audience take a break, so I see a quick report that the DOW has opened, up about 45 points.  
TV off.  

Mind, stop rambling. The day: get to it.

Reflections: Thanks to God for safe return from sweet reunions over a long weekend. Glad to have brought back my mother's desk from one of my brothers' homes. The drop-leaf desk a familiar item in my growing up years with my mother and dad, brothers, grandmother....  

More later, perhaps, about things from the desk, including a letter I wrote to my mother two months before I got married, one month before college graduation. I anticipated loneliness in first year of marriage, due to being far from the familiar of home and home territory and with a new marriage to a husband studying for master's degree while I would be teaching, my first teaching year. Mother marked the plain envelope (suggests I handed it to her) "Very special," in her familiar handwriting. It is very special to me, and I brought it to my home along with her desk. I also brought something she wrote on a small piece of paper. Her thoughts of God. 

All of that activity and discovery with the desk was yesterday, when husband and I returned home after a night's hotel rest to break the hours of driving from there to here. 

Now, a new day, starting again at home. Gratitude for rest, life, memories, and today.  


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