Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Love of Jesus, What it is...

A phrase in the song goes like this:

"The love of Jesus, what it is...only His loved ones know."
(Were you there when they crucified my Lord?...Were you there when God raised Him from the dead?)

All people of the world are touched by God's love through Christ, born a Jew in a Gentile (Roman)-occupied land. Whether Jew or Gentile and regardless of race, religion, national origin, economic and any other status, the people of the world are the objects of God's love, and His love for us had nothing to do with our deserving or qualifying. God loves. His character is love. Infinite, perfect love.

Most people of the world do not realize that it was God who sent the protection during disaster, comfort in that storm of life...during loss too deep for words, that it was God who gave the will to go on, the hope to get through a hopeless time, the help to survive something too difficult for explanation, the helping hand, the healing after sickness, the happiness however fleeting, the presence of friend, family member, or just the right time, the most needed time...a gift granted by God because He is love. Each point was a time when God was there yet no one noticed that it was He who provided what was most needed. No one had a thankful heart. Each point was a time when Jesus knocked at the door of the heart of faith, hoping to be invited in. Each point was a time when God gave freely.  

God loves the world. God loves the world that He created people for. He created it, and Jesus was with Him when He created it.

The love of Jesus, what it is, only His loved ones know. He was obedient unto death. He saw the joy set before Him. He set His face like flint to accomplish salvation for the whole world.
Do you know? 
"God, if You are there, help me. Show me the way that is right." 

He answers.
Do you see Him in the answers, the help, the moment of relief...? 

God, open my eyes that I may see...

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