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I Think a Drone Flew Over Me Last Night

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UPI--Feb 8 2012: "The FAA could give the green light to drone traffic by 2015" (if the President signs--or has signed by now--the recent FAA--Federal Air Administration-- Reauthorization Act approved by Congress).

I think a drone flew over me last night...

You see, my husband and I live not far from the NSA (National Security Agency--"home of American's code makers and code breakers") and Fort George G. Meade (US Army), both highly secretive places. We pass by them every time we go to the nearby Thurgood Marshall/Baltimore Washington International Airport. We go there a lot.

If I am correct about last night's fly-over, a drone did fly over my house and the implications of that seem...well, I don't even yet have words for it. For one thing, a drone's infra-red capacity could have detected suspicious activity:
  • I was doing some serious reading (well after 11 PM); and, the book was in old-fashioned form (printed on paper and bound).
  • Also, the book's context was precursor to Washington DC's political intrigues, a Susanna Gregory historical novel about a hero who works for and spies upon the royal court, also following religious and secret society intrigues.
  • The book's timeline spans the year 1662, exactly 350 years ago and about 13 years after Cromwell's strict Parliamentarian government ended (along with Cromwell's life), and the reign of the second post-Cromwell king of England. (The first king fell to regicide.)
Drones' infra-read abilities do not include reading thoughts, however, and that's good, for I was suspiciously thinking and observing, while reading the book and learning about a long-ago spy's life, about today's human thinking and observing...including behaviors by some among the politically powerful that seem strikingly similar to those of London, 1662 A.D.
The UPI drone report said that the recent expanded  law "follows vigorous campaigning by defense and security industries that see drones as a multibillion-dollar growth area...."

And consider this: the marketing of drones includes local police. I prefer to think it was only a police helicopter flying over last night, making sure our neighborhood, as quiet as it is, does not fall into the wrong hands. Whatever that means. No matter what the mission in the sky late last night, it definitely was not done from a Cessna two-engine or a commercial jet airliner. 

Recently, in the sky above Chicago, uniformed men hung out helicopter doors, held rifles pointed downward, and scared, really scared, a lot...I mean, a lot...of people. We do not need this on my street. We are all cool here, believe me, as far as I know, as least where international intrigue is concerned. (But then, what do I know?)
  1. The recent scary event over downtown Chicago turned out to be a security drill in anticipation of an international group to meet in that windy city in the coming days;
  2. Under the new US legislation, drones will not be allowed to crowd the skies until 2015, if even then;
  3. I don't mind who knows that I am reading or what I am reading, even after 11 at night and even if about the year 1662; and
  4. Even so, I think drones do far better at reading body heat than the human mind. (Gotcha there, Mister Drone.) 
True, drones might be able to send streaming film in clear images of words in books, with help of the giant, 3-acre-span (at least) satellite dishes (believe me, they are really, really large!) that we see on MD Rte 32 at the National Security Administration (NSA)--"home to America's codemakers and codebreakers" (see the NSA website for more info). 

I wonder what the drones, if they could think, would think of the Earl of Clarendon's shenanigans at the royal English court of 1662. Not far from the Tower of London.

Note: This tongue-in-cheek article touches on one of many serious fears circulating around the world...many well-founded, including fear of persecution for race, religion, political affiliations, or national origin. 

However...wherever you and I are and whatever is going on, with or without drones, God is with His church. Consider these words He gave to one of His prophets for then, now, and forever:   

Fear not, for I am with you; 
be not dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you; yes,
I will help you; yes,
I will hold you up with My righteous right arm.
--Isaiah 41:10

The One at the Lord's right hand is Jesus, the only Son of God. 
God is faithful. 
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