Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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by Jean Purcell

If you have never visited Washington, D.C., you are missing out on a fabulous experience. Plan a trip there and allow our country to come alive before your very eyes. You won't be sorry.- Pat Brannon, author, commenting on this blog's July 4 post, 2010.

And this is the time to make and set up plans to visit Washington in the Spring of 2011. Plan a trip for the Cherry Blossom Festival, 2011! March 26-April 10. and take notes for a few articles or your blog or web site. If you write about history or governance, what better place than the US capital city?

I think that visitors like Pat, quoted above, see the city with fresher, more appreciative eyes than those of us who live nearby. However, we do not want to take for granted this beautifully designed city. It is a city of marble, of ancient Gothic and Roman architecture, of engravings from treasured documents and speeches, and of giants of this country whose service, life-stories, faith, and words dominate the history that permeates so much of the capital city. Who has documented the numbers of the many books and movies based on this city of history, dreams, and power, intended for good? This is inspiring territory for writers like Pat Brannon, who writes poetry and stories, for grownups and children, respectively. 

Walk Softly, You're Steppin' On My HeartFilthy Farley O'Charlie McBarley   Pat Brannon is a writer working within schools to help children confront difficult problems,  such as bullying, through drama and humor that talks straight.

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