Monday, September 13, 2010


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What a glorious week on a fabulous Montana ranch! What makes this Montana ranch where we were so special goes beyond its ordered working appearance and arrangement, beyond the awesome beauty of the mountains and pastures. Beyond handsome horses in corral, being saddled up. Beyond the sheer scary fun of four-wheelin' up woodsy hills and down into dry gullies, over small rocky streams. (I ran over a lot of sage; was rewarded by its delicious aroma, following along.)

Above all, it was the presence of treasured friends, including new ones, and hospitable staff, that made the place come especially alive for us. The beauty of awesome views, the shared outdoors adventures, and excellent food were shared among special people. That, my friends, made the week especially memorable. 

Flyfisher's Guide to Montana (Flyfisher's Guide to)En route, through Idaho, Inn at Elmwood Estates in Hailey, provided a comfy bed and exceptional breakfast feast before the drive into the hills and steep slopes of Montana near Lemhi Pass. The scenic Pass road to the top is even more beautiful coming down. 

'Been a while since your last getaway? Plan now, and travel to places you've never been, even if not far away. The museum you keep intending to visit. The sports team you've not seen "live" for awhile. The recreational adventures too long on the back burner. The reading you've let go. The fresh air and night skies you don't take time to enjoy? Think how terrific special breaks can be. I hope you see friends, or make new ones, on the way!

Yippee, Montana! "Work, Fun, Love" per CM, a new friend, along with LM. If I start adding more new friend initials, I'll not finish. Every one was memorable.
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