Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Write What You Know - the Satisfaction of Writing for State Magazines

Our State
North Carolina monthly
Magazine writing is not everyone's cup of tea, or glass of tea. But I find some state magazines are beautiful and interesting to behold, read, and save. It's worth it, to consider writing for state magazines that accept freelance inquiries and article ideas.  

 "Write what you know" is a reliable maxim for writers. And right now, state magazines are on my mind. Why not, if you have not already, get copies of your state's magazine? Start at your local library, if possible. You might even subscribe.

If there is not a regional or state magazine to advertise the good things about your state's past, present, and future, AND you have writing OR editing experience, why not start one? Get some supporters together and advertisers, and make a small beginning based on what you can handle now, and grow with it. 

The marketing people at NC's  Our State magazine honored a request from a subscriber, one of my brothers, to send a sample copy to me in Maryland, where I'm a long-time transplant from NC. (Maryland topography reminds me of North Carolina, with its mountains, Piedmont, and ocean; plus (ahem), Maryland has the Chesapeake Bay, which I enjoy as much as childhood memories of Wrightsville Beach.)

If other state magazines could be equally hospitable to a request such as my brother's, and send free copies now and then, recipients should find a public way to brag on them, don't you think? So, here's a tribute to the state magazine of my birthplace, the Tar Heel State, North Carolina. 

Are you proud of your state's magazine? If yes, why not let them know? You might even develop an article idea and inquire about submitting it to them as a freelancer.

Note: I rated the NC magazine #1 for a reliable pattern of interesting articles/series and its gorgeous graphics/layout, in print and on-line. I have rated the MD magazine, of my second "home state," #2, because it could improve its on-line presence with support links and other outreach features that boost NC's "Our State" on-line. I'd like to rate your state's mag, on-line.~ J Purcell, blog manager

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