Monday, August 16, 2010

Automatic Navigation and Life

We have cell-phone navigation, as well as a new Garmin gizmo that will accompany us via air to Idaho and then by rented car to a ranch in Montana, where we will enjoy several days. Then, back to Idaho, relying again on both the cell phone Navigator program and Ms. Garmin. We expect gorgeous scenery as we go through mountain passes and other as-yet-unseen territory.

I have a neighbor who is writing an extensively-researched book about Sacajawea and another woman of her time. Wait till I tell her that we will be in Sacajawea territory! Sacajawea was a woman who lived her unique life according to the times she had to deal with and the God-given inner light that she applied to her path.

Life is not navigated automatically. We need reliable, tried-and-true signposts and light posts along the way. Each one of us, being unique, can nevertheless rely upon the same light: the light of God. For he made us to be different, to be individual, to be unique. Some people try to live their parents' lives, or the same life as a hero. But God intended for us to live this one life that is ours, distinctively and uniquely. We work it out, as a ship works out its passage to unknown places. Can we imagine Columbus and other explorers traveling beyond the known? Yet, each relied upon the same kinds of instruments, reliable indicators like stars, constellations, moon, and sun.

I am glad we are unique. I am glad that, however unknown we are to others, we are known and valued by God, who loves us. Now, let us live by faith the life that God the Father and Son, with the Holy Spirit, has put into us, to live uniquely! Our writing can then find its own, non-robotic way. Different, yet meaningful, wherever we are, wherever we travel. 

The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity

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