Monday, May 25, 2015

Before Memorial Day Supper: Problem-solving how to produce Free Documents for Subscribers only




 I'm working today and also remembering my brother, Gerald C. Primm, who flew a P-38 fighter plane in World War II and returned safely after a few more than his allotted missions over North Africa and places I still do not know about. After his first plane was shot down, he named his second "L'il Jean." At about three years old, I received such an honor!

To honor in Memory all now gone who Served. To respect in the Present the Service of all!

 I am working today from my home not far from Washington, DC. Blogs travel all over the world, and I enjoy connecting with my blog readers from the U.S., Russia, China, the UK, Ukraine, Europe, South Asia, and other places.

  •  This document has been prepared as a trial for my subscriber-access-only page, intended for duplication on my new blog, Author Expert. But the subscriber link is not ready yet. That's one of the things I need to figure out...with help.

  • I intend for this to be a free "hidden" file for subscribers only, and I'm not yet sure how to do that successfully. I could create a downloadable PDF file for subscribers only, yet I'm not sure how or where to place that, "hidden," on my blog, yet. 

  • Another problem to solve is how to set up a second sign up list on my blog. I leave it there while I research how to solve that problem.
  •   Why do I want to do this project? I want to build a subscriber list and help build trust with them. Anyone subscribing for "inside" information from an author expert is likely to be serious about reading what my experience has to offer. 
  •  The first tech phase is to install a subscriber list only for my free document once every six weeks. Once the technology is worked out, I will be able to connect with more authors than ever.  

Helpful comments and good advice are invited!

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