Sunday, June 15, 2014

We Have, as a Nation

I am doing pre-birthday reflection, where themes merge the past and now. 

As a child growing up, I felt free. It was not a perfect time, yet it was in many ways a safer time in which to grow. As a child born late to my parents, who had two teenagers already, I was unplanned. I join millennia of human beings in that regard. My unseen life was accepted, my birth welcomed. I was loved. 

My dad and mom influenced me to reach high. Dad did different jobs without the hindrances of laws to dampen or drown his personal initiatives and innovations. I think of that often today, because many men and women of the same temperament as my parents struggle against ever-increasing laws and penalties that put heavier loads on their shoulders.  

Now, regarding life, hosts of powerful leaders across this nation show, I believe, dishonor for their own life in their mother's womb. I think this because I see how they dishonor the lives of today's unborn persons. And,we have women who seek public monies to pay for their choices.
We have parents not keeping watch over their children's childhood.
We have elected officials ignoring the public good, for private gain.
Profanity and crudeness often go unnoticed or unchecked.
We should, some think, be silent about such things.

On the Other Hand

We have communities of hope. 
Many old and young people seek God.
We have youth that honor themselves with long-range views.
We have parents loving their children sacrificially.
We have teachers teaching with devotion to their calling. 
Many help the poor even under threats of penalty for faith and conscience. 

Yet, as a people we show signs of having allowed ourselves to waver and weaken through our own selfishness or forgetfulness. 

Our blessings come from God, I believe. Our nation needs forgiveness and restoration, and I believe that we need to resist the tide that divides common good.

I awoke this morning burdened by thoughts of these things. I hope that we will apply more knowledge and wisdom before we leap into more trouble. I pray we will work together to guard and preserve this God-established space.

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