Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Update Two on Work in Progress

Over a period of 14 years (five of those in boxes) my personal narrative manuscript, Not All Roads Lead Home, developed. There were times when I wondered if it would be. When a British publisher took the manuscript, for different reasons I asked him to use my pen name.

Now Jim writes his book, one of complex times, participants, decisions to be made, and well-planned action taken. The matter of dire situations across continents during and prior to the late 1970s to early 1990s seems like a cleansing wildfire to be tamed.

People Jim has reconnected with and people he has met during this process, especially this year, reinforce the magnitude of the work, to tell about U.S. and international partnerships formed on behalf of refugees around the world in one timeframe.

We are away this week to work on the big picture now in draft form, after multiple rewrites. His is the way of authorship, and it is, as they say, wide and deep. I appreciate so much the help of others, offered in the desire to see the Work finish, and finish well.

When I have photos of the wall- posted poster sheets of each day's work plan, maybe I will post some of those. It's time, I think, to get my hands on a digital camera rather than turn to phone cam. :) However, this is his work, and to write about it is not his style. I am excited about it, as one seeing it form.

Hope you have a great day, not judging the day but living in it!

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