Sunday, April 27, 2014

History Helps Us Now

 Frederick, Maryland, was started years before the American Revolution. The 1745 settlers were German immigrants. No doubt, colonists of Mary's Land, as the state was first known, had no idea of the tests ahead. No one yet could imagine how the new settlements, 13 colonies, would include adventurers who would venture far, far to the West, to another ocean, Pacific, they new nothing of, yet.

This week, on this Lord's Day, I visited Frederick with my husband and one of our daughters. We enjoyed seeing the improvements made to preserve the Historic District. I came back home, an hour away, mindful once again of how important the past can be to help us realize what we have in common with those of centuries past. For, like them, we may not be able to imagine what is yet to be discovered in so many areas of life. In this, we are very like them.

This brings me both a sense of humility and also a fresh appreciation for those who wish to move away from what is known or even thought believable to explore, to widen their willingness to seek the source in whatever area they wish. And I remember, too, how James Michener's Chesapeake included an eventually successful search for the spring that fed streams and rivers into the Bay. Wonderful, I think, that there is much beauty and desire to explore so near to each of us.

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