Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Finding Enjoyable Books-That's what I do!

"I'm not bragging. I'm applying for a job."
Those words became familiar on TV in our area, spoken by a young real estate entrepreneur with good sales stats. He replayed TV video ads that included those words every time. 

I admire his assertiveness in a tough business. In every business, in fact, establishing the name is a challenge. People recognize "Pat Hiban's Sensible Listing plan," and remember his name.  

Book-buyers and readers usually do not pay attention to publishing names, HarperCollins and others, like Opine Publishing, unless they're "in the business." They  pay attention to authors' names. Our authors' names have more recognition than before since they were published by Opine Publishing: Deirdre Reilly, Beryl Adamsbaum, Jane Bullard (pen name), and Mogama. C. H. Spurgeon's name was already known in the U.S. and especially in the UK.  

The local real estate entrepreneur began his ads ten years ago, and today he advertises less; it seems he is doing well selling property and houses. Pat Hiban's trucks are ubiquitous around town. He did a ten-year reminiscence ad recently, and it began with those words: "I'm not bragging. I'm applying for a job."

We're not bragging at Opine Publishing. We're applying for the job of helping you find new, different books you'll enjoy reading and recommending to others, as well as buying as gifts. If you cannot find copies of any Opine books by our authors, whether Deirdre Reilly, Beryl Adamsbaum, Jane Bullard (pen name), Mogama, and C. H. Spurgeon's rare book, The Mourner's Comforter, just e-mail. 

It's my job to get copies for you. I work to help readers like you find enjoyable books. At Opine Book Store are terrific books I think you might be interested to read, recommend, or give.   


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