Wednesday, August 21, 2013

September: A Changing Person with the Seasons

Jean Purcell
My pen-named book

It's almost September, and fall is another season of clear, fresh anticipation. I look forward to it the most of all. Schedules and plans change, whether a little or a lot. I am ready for all of the above, taking advantage of every day left in August, not soggy but pleasant this year. Now's the time to keep dates of start-ups next month of  (1) second year in Education for Ministry and (2) return to women's Bible study group after two years out. 

Every day begins with God, the Creator, reminded of Him by the changing light of an early morning or the feel of the breezes before rain. There is a different feeling in the air as a new season approaches. All beauty within Creation speaks of God. Like the industrious birds we hear every day outside the house as we go and return, we need to be fed. God watches over us as He does all of His works. Our strength is renewed like the eagle's in changing seasons with their joy, sorrow, health, sickness, life, death, hunger, and being filled. 
"I am a changing person." My husband wrote that to me many years ago. He was far away, in Rome, yet even at home we had felt far from one another. What he wrote moved me. I wanted to be able to say that for myself in the positive way that he meant.  

Since 1979-'80, I have been asking God to change me. I have learned that some changes come quickly, some come much later. No prayer, however, goes unanswered when it reflects God's loving, albeit often puzzling, guidance.  

From last September to this one, I have been changed for good in ways I thoughts, perceptions, assumptions, and understanding. But not enough! 

Lord, show me and change me more.  

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