Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life, Education, Motivation, and the smallest of good things...

Jean Purcell
Thinking about motivation

What drives us deserves careful attention, examining why we make certain things or people top priority, what gives satisfying purpose, reason, and connection to others. It's a cliche to say what is true, but how else to say it: Money and/or power cannot solve life's major problems; money, for example, is needed only to a certain level. Also, education does not make us smarter or wiser than others who are less educated; yet it does help us to learn how to think...or at least it used to do that. 

I recently learned that the schools in my small hometown in North Carolina were among the best anywhere. We went into old, unimpressive, and shiny-floored buildings to learn from old, worn textbooks. We had many teachers that were professionally dedicated, prepared, and morally nice, aware, and sharp...making a huge difference in our learning. Our families wanted us to be confident, not too flashy, and to finish what we started. With all of that good stuff, we learned to read, write, and do math better, faster, and earlier than the majority of U. S. public school students today.
The more I read facts, not fiction, about what is happening all around me, I am amazed at the brave and the horrible things that are going on at the same time in areas small and large, rich and poor. Less and less do I care to impress anyone, and more and more I care about being able to live with myself and be peaceable with others. 
These days I'm most attached to what someone wrote in a letter long ago. He said that people, together, should love those they know and not to forget to be kind to those they don't know. He expected it to happen as a central part of Christian community, which is believers together, not each one going forth unconnected and completely alone.      
May you notice the smallest of good things along your way today and tomorrow with others, wherever you may be.  

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