Wednesday, February 01, 2012

"Taking Off!" She shouted over the noise

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"Taking off!" fits with our family memories and tradition (signals with the whirly helicopter-like hand motions...).  

"Taking off!" From days of noisy single-propeller planes and helicopters to jet engines and rockets, I gravitate to its imagery_adventure, rescue, readiness, thrill of flight...

My  husband and I will take off soon and reach our destination the day before the Super Bowl. Our OpineBooks eStore and Book Cafe should take off after we get back.

"E-Store taking off!" I shout over the noise, while CJ McDaniel gets it ready. He did the stand-out cover for Mogama's Refugee Was My Name (taking off in Louisville KY this Saturday, the 4th of February, at the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage).

"Taking off" is people in movement, in the air or on ground! So, we are  ..uh, taking off for a few days, leaving things in good hands at home, where the white-light white Christmas tree on a front window table has become a Valentine Tree. Love those lights every night whirling around red hearts and candies!

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