Monday, October 03, 2011

500 Books that Last

*Not All Roads Lead Home

I am interested in what others think about books that last. Two of my favorites are Surprised by Joy (C. S. Lewis) and The Mourner's Comforter (C. H. Spurgeon), for highly personal reasons*.
  What makes a fiction book last? Is it the characters or the story? Is it both? Some of us read lots of fiction, including mysteries, yet later we cannot remember the title or details of the story line. These do their job as enjoyable reads only. For the moment. And that's OK. (See 5 Fiction Series that Help Me Escape link below.)
     What might last for one person, does not for another. Generally, however, good books have a wide, shared readership. What five books would you put on a list of 500 top books that last?  

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