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I Don't Think I Have Cancer, but...

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Cancer has many names based not only on diagnoses of different types but also on names attached by sufferers and their families to express anger, loss, grief, shock, determination, and lots of other emotions in a long line of human reactions.

As far as I know, I don't have cancer. And I surely hope I do not; I have the usual tests like mammograms and such, and so far...all seems to be well. But like you (and I'm sure you know someone with or who has had cancer), I have been touched by it in one way or another. Actually, a number of ways. I am related to "cancer survivors" and also those who died of cancer, all at older ages.

Yesterday at a retreat I met a young woman who has cancer. She is in a group for people in their 20s and 30s with it. And, she has a blog with a really neat, and I think determined, name: Red Headed Bald Chic. You can read her blog and pass it along. Scroll down the side bar, too, to see good info. Otherwise, read her blogs about what it's like to lose not only health but also home. And, to lose a very young and brave friend to cancer. You can also follow links to donate to help research and to fight cancer in different ways.  

Maybe you don't have cancer. I hope you do not. If you do, I pray that many beams of medical help, hope, sharing, listening, and determination will help you as you deal with it and live with it, at least for now. I cannot say more with any authority. Yet, all of us suffer or have suffered in some way. We know that careless words hurt, that pity is unnecessary, and that genuine caring, whether expressed or not, reminds us we are not deserted. Others do care...and pray...and do research...and raise funds...and understand. Each one has a part to play, and no help of comfort is in vain. I hope my  new friend agrees, or will correct me if already I have misspoken. Because I don't think I have cancer, and she knows she does. She is living...with cancer.

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