Wednesday, March 17, 2010

E-Mail from Asia re: Mary Helen Purcell, 1919-2010-"This is not yesterday!"

This from a Christian friend, Gerard Seow, in Singapore:

"She lived during epic changes in world history, a witness to the entire scope of 20th century events, signs of the end times that changed the boundaries not only of the nations but also of the fulfillment of Scriptures in regards to the Jews to their land.

"Hers was a generation that began on foot but traveled to the moon and back through development of jet/rocket propulsion and computer simulation. My present Ford and every other vehicle on the road has her generation to thank.

"Though times have changed along with the winds of doctrine - at every moment and at each turn of the page, there has been answers to her prayers and great fruit arising from a determined race of spiritual mothers that knew their God and did exploits.

"We saints in Asia salute the passing of Mary Helen and pledge to continue the work of watching and waiting for His appearance. As authors, editors, bloggers and related literature evangelists from the very fringes of a lost and lonely world to the very centers of worldly wealth and prestige we rededicate ourselves to our task of preserving a testimony of Jesus as a burning and shining light in the darkness.

"Thank you for sharing your sorrow through this announcement and also the offer for consolation and a listening ear for those going through trials of like character. We rejoice however for the freedoms we presently have of communication, grace and joys as we combine our faith with yours for completion of the works of Mary Helen in our day and for our generation.

"This is not yesterday!"

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